Monday, 5 July 2010

Is this course right for me?

How can you answer this question other than reading the course outline and asking who typically goes on the course and what they typically learn?

The only way to do this is to ask someone who may have been on the course already. Traditionally, this would have been easier said than done. But add a networking tool, such as Yammer, into the mix and you have an opportunity for former delegates to ask prospective delegates whether a course is right for them or not.

This happened recently in my workplace. The discussion enabled a prospective delegate to learn at what level a technical course was pitched. They realised it was not advanced enough for them and so could cancel in time to let someone else attend in their place.

The discussion on Yammer also served other purposes - it helped promote the course and enabled others to see who was right for the course.Obviously, such communication would have saved the company some money - I hope it would have delivered a set of delegates who were right for the course.

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